Our English Angoras

The English Angoras were the first Angora breed to reside at Aboundingful Farm. It all stared with two un-pedigreed bucks. Then a doe was added. We were never able to get that doe bred to either buck so bought a pedigreed pair... the rest as they say, is history.  Over the past few years our English Angora numbers dwindled as does became older and we were able to devote less time to their intense grooming needs we stopped breeding.  Now we are able to devote more time to their needs and have decided to start breeding the English on a limited basis.  We welcomed Charm City's Nephthys (affectionately nicknamed Neppy) to Aboundingful Farm in 2014. She along with a buck from out last litter of English born in 2013 will be starting us back in the English Angoras.